14. Juni 2019, Wien: Vienna Dyke March 2019

Time to unite! – Dykes for global commons, solidarity and justice! The 4th Vienna Dyke March is an event to celebrate dyke* unity, diversity and joy, but also to stand together with our sisters* in times of repression and hardship. Last year the Black, feminist, lesbian politician Marielle Franco was assassinated by the Brasilian regime and we are still asking „Who killed Marielle?“ together with Mônica Benício, her partner, who will speak at the opening event of the march. Further speakers from local groups organizing the dyke march will also be present, as well as delegates from the European Lesbian*Conference (EL*C)…

Eine inter*-inklusive Lesben- und Unterstützer*innen-Demo für gemeinsame Sichtbarkeit! 

Wann: 16.30-19.30
Wo: Sappho Memorial and Theseus Temple, Volksgarten, 1010 Wien